You Should Follow These Coolest Instagram Grannies Right Now!

You’ll want to be keeping an eye on these amazing older ladies – they’ve caught our eyes over the past couple of years, and it looks like 2018 is proving to be another banger for them! Some people seem to slow down when they hit a certain age, but not these ladies, if anything they’re speeding things up. Keep reading to find out why these women are the coolest grannies on the web.

 4. Diane von Furstenberg

The multi-talented style icon, designer, philanthropist and media mogul has been a household name for years, and with good reason! Her growth from a young girl, to European princess, to world-renowned designer is beyond inspirational, and we still can’t get enough.

Публикация от @therealdvf

Публикация от @therealdvf

Публикация от @therealdvf

 3. Linda Rodin

The founder of RODIN olio lusso, Linda is another independent woman whom we look up to with admiration. Linda remains a natural beauty and continues to work as a successful model, whilst oozing undeniable class and elegance on her Instagram page.

 2. Iris Apfel

Iris’s warm personality is as captivating as her unique look, and despite her age, she is able to inspire both the younger and older generation. The fashion icon, interior designer and business woman proves not only that style is timeless, but that age is only a number.


BADDIE Winkle is the gangster granny queen of Instagram! BADDIE’s Instagram truly represents her vivacious personality: it is full of rainbows, sparkle and glitter. We would never have believed her to be 98 years of age!


Source: InstaBF

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