Check Out These Most Epic Stand-Offs Between Animals!

When it comes to battles between the species, fights aren’t just limited to lions, tigers and bears. Check out some of the most epic stand-offs between animals in the list below!

 Hippo vs Elephant

Both massive animals, the hippo might be expected to triumph here as they are responsible for more human fatalities than any other animal on the savannah. However, let’s take into account the sheer size of an elephant (they can grow to more than seven tonnes) and the fact that they are capable of delivering one hell of an attack through a choice of stomping, charging or impaling. It’s an easy win for the elephant here, who merely tosses the hippo aside.

 Baby Bison vs Wolf

We consider wolves to be pretty vicious and cunning predators, so when it notices the stranded bison calf we feel like a win for the wolf is a sure thing. However, this is no ordinary calf and he is clearly not willing to go down without a fight!