Check Out These 6 Diet Hacks To Help You Get Beach Body Ready!

Sticking to a diet requires motivation, willpower – and this post! We’re going to teach you some hacks to make keeping to your diet the simplest thing you’ll do during the day! This will also help you to boost energy and cut calories which is another goal for dieting alongside losing weight anyway. Win-win.

Swap your milk for orange juice.


We’re not talking about in your tea or your coffee – we’re talking about in your cereal. Wait before you click out and think that we’ve gone mad because this will genuinely make a difference. Take your favourite breakfast cereal and pour some orange juice in. Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C and will boost the absorption of the iron in cereals. When you have a low iron level, it can make you feel quite poorly even if you’re not entirely noticing it – you’ll become more lethargic, irritable and stressed. But this little change in your breakfast routine will help your body’s iron intake.

Cook all your pasta ‘al-dente.’ 


Pasta is normally a food that dietitians will tell you to avoid like the plague but the way in which you cook it – like with a lot of other foods – can actually affect how your body will digest it. If you cook your pasta ‘al-dente’, meaning a little bit hard, then it will release energy more slowly than soft pasta. This means that instead of getting a short, quick burst of energy, it will release throughout a longer period of time and you’ll have more energy to work for longer on whatever it is you may want to concentrate on.

Get your bananas right. 


We all know how we like our steaks cooked. But you need to eat your bananas at the right ripeness, too. Just like medium-rare steak, wait until your banana is medium-ripe. If you leave your bananas to ripen for too long, they become as healthy as a chocolate biscuit due to the glycaemic index (or GI). When your banana is still ripening, the GI is lower and therefore at a perfect rate for you to eat and you’ll stay full for longer.

Eat leftover pasta. 


Remember our al dente pasta? If you cook a little bit extra for your lunch the next day then this will help you to lower your calories as leftover pasta holds less calories than freshly cooked pasta. Why? Because overnight, the starch becomes resistant to the enzymes in your body that normally break it down. This means that the starch goes straight to your colon and the good bacteria in your gut feeds on it! How weird is that? Weird but good because it boosts your immunity and general health.

Canned beans are your new best friend. 


Similarly to the leftover pasta, leaving cooked vegetables with starch in to cool can have the same effect. The perfect kind of food for this are beans – haricot, red kidney, butterbeans. Take your pick of bean and it will be chock full of starch. However, you’d be better off to buy canned beans instead of cooking them yourself as canned beans have a higher chance of the starch avoiding being digested – therefore meaning your good bacteria have more to feed on! Yum, yum.

Get the sweet potatoes in. 


While potatoes are found everywhere in all sorts of different naughty foods – chips, crisps, cheesy baked potatoes – the best thing for your diet is to swap these with sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are high in Vitamin C, just like the orange juice, and will quadruple your Vitamin C intake in comparison to if you’d just eaten a regular potato. They’re also really good for your skin as they can reduce sun damage. They taste delicious and they’re healthy for you – they’re basically the super potato.


Source: The Sun