These 10 Beautiful Natural Wonders Will Show You The True Colors Of The Universe

The planet is full of beautiful landscapes: ranging from snowy mountains and white deserts, to winding kaleidoscopic rivers and multicoloured pastures. Here are ten of the most stunning natural wonders that everyone should have on their must-visit list:

10. The Vinicunca Mountain, Peru


The Peruvian Andes are home to a literal rainbow mountain: just check out those unbelievable colours! The mountain was actually only discovered about five years ago but is now very popular with the tourists who are willing to face the daunting trek to it. The thick rainbow stripes are due to the way mineral deposits have gathered over the years – science, eh!

9. River Derwent, Tasmania

James Garlick

This river is home to a number of bio-luminescent creatures: the marine life lights up under the river and makes the whole body of water seem like it is sparkling and glowing. Couple this with the fact that in the spring the River Derwent gets a view of the Aurora Australis, and you’ve got a truly magical setting: technicolor sky and sparkling waters, wow!