Cheating or not cheating? That is the question

A marketing trick or a pure truth? Adherents of speculation on the Internet doubt the motivations of Chris Hemsworth. According to them, the new film about the crocodile Dundee plays nothing more than the role of a commercial. People are sure that this is all part of the campaign to promote tourism in Australia.

The trailer appeared on the network last week. Chris presented the picture as an exceptionally new piece of work called “Crocodile Dundee”. People simply could not leave it without attention.
At the moment there are more and more assumptions about the falsity of the film. Chris is suspected of participating in a marketing company whose goal is to increase the number of tourists on the territory of the country.

Even The Daily Telegraph raised a stir. The release, which saw the world on Wednesday, suggested that the video is an advertisement for the Super Bowl. By the way, if you forgot, the last one should be held on February 4.
Where is the truth? People were right: the picture is really nothing more than a poorly concealed marketing move. The publication of the mentioned issue listed at once several clues pointing to this. In their list, the fact that director Steve Rogers is actually a performer of advertising.