10+ Celebrities Who Run Beauty Businesses (Part II)

Everyone knows that fame doesn’t last long. One minute you can be a famous actor and just in a moment nobody remembers about you. Maybe because of this and trying to escape all the risks many celebrities start their own business. Somebody runs alcohol business. For example Ryan Reynolds, who is the owner of what is apparently one of the best gins in the world, Aviation Gin. Other celebs run a restaurant business. Robert De Niro, for example, is the owner of the restaurant Nobu. It’s a pretty big company, and in 2015 was valued at $500 million – that’s insane!

But most of the celebs become the heads of the beauty businesses. We compiled a surprising list of celebrities who run beauty businesses.

11. Jessica Alba

Celebrities who run Beauty Businesses
Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

The sexy, beautiful and talented actress ventured into the beauty business in 2015 when she launched her company, Honest Beauty. Her beauty company produces a collection of skincare and makeup that opens the room to diversity for people of all skin tones and age.