You Will Be Surprised! 15+ Celebrities Who Admire Other Celebs!

18. Emma Watson and Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson had a crush on Emma Watson. During an interview with MTV in 2013, he said that he loved Emma Watson and he couldn’t wait to meet her. He tried his best to reach Emma, even getting his manager to help him get Emma’s phone number but that was a dead end. Sadly for Josh, it has not worked out with the Beauty and the Beast actress. But he’s keeping his fingers crossed though.

17. Emma Watson and Tom Felton

Unlike Hutcherson Watson was secretly in love with her co-star Tom Felton during the filming of the Harry Potter franchise. For the first two movies of the Harry Potter franchise, Emma had a huge crush on him and even said Felton was her first crush. In an interview with Seventeen Magazine in 2011, she said that Felton knew about her crush on him and they had even talked about it. They’re friends now though and are cool that way.

16. Matthew McConaughey and Susan Sarandon

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During an interview with W magazine in 2013, McConaughey said that his crush was Susan Sarandon. He acknowledges that she is still one of the world’s sexiest woman. He states that Susan is a very talented and honest woman and this is hard to hide.