You Will Be Surprised! 15+ Celebrities Who Admire Other Celebs!

At least once in our lifetime, we have a crush on a celebrity. We watch all their movies or listen to every song. We read news about them and hope that maybe someday we will meet.

But the stars are the same people as we are, and they also can have a celebrity crush.

We made a list of some celebrities who admire other celebs. We bet you will be surprised!

19. Mandy Moore and Shane West

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Shane’s spectacular performance in ‘A Walk to remember’, got teenage girls around the world falling in love with him. His onscreen love interest wasn’t an exception. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mandy Moore admitted that she fell in love with Shane and was caught up between her character in the movie and her 16-year-old self in real life. She said it was her first time playing a role like that in a movie and it was impossible to discern her feelings because there was a part of her that completely fell in love with him.

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