These 10 Celebrities Survived Bad Streak

We might think that celebrity status leads to a carefree life, but this isn’t always the case! These celebrities lost it all, but they also managed to turn things around and win it all back. These famous faces remind us to never give up and to always try and improve our situation! Read on to find out how these celebrities survived celebrities survived bad streak and came out on top.

10. Brendan Fraser
Celebrities Survived Bad Streak
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Much like someone else on this list, Brendan also lost a lot of his money due to a long divorce. He also sustained an injury in the catastrophic Hurricane Sandy, which meant that he had to take a considerable amount of time out from work in 2012. Thankfully, Brendan’s problems seem to be coming to an end now, and we’re looking forward to seeing him in the 2018 TV series,┬áTrust.

9. Britney Spears
Celebrities Survived Bad Streak
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We can’t forget Britney’s mental breakdown of 2007, which was horrifically publicized and almost cost her her career and life’s savings. After this, she spent some time in rehab and relinquished control of her savings to someone who would look after her money. Now, Britney is shining brighter than ever and continues to make brilliant music.