20+ Celebrity Couples Share All About Their First Dates!

“Dating” is a concept that must take on a whole new meaning when you’re a Hollywood star – everyone seems to know all about you, but you certainly don’t know all about them! This must make it quite difficult to be dating unless you’re looking to get with another celebrity, which seems more likely as you’re all running in the same circles and ending up at the same parties together. We love to hear about peoples’ first dates and how they met their partner, and we love it even more when we get to hear the gossip about our favorite celebs and their first dates!

24. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

These actors actually met on a double date, but here’s the kicker: they were each on the date with other people! How’s that for a real-life movie situation. They first met and became friends on the set of Green Lantern, and finding themselves single, they decided that they would go on a double date. According to Ryan, the couple was just like fireworks meeting, and he puts their amazing relationship down to the fact that they were friends for so long before they decided to actually start dating one another. The pair has been together for quite some time now: they got married in 2012 and even have two children together.