10 Stunning Looks Of Celebrities In Same Outfit! Who Wore It Best?

We love a matching outfit, be it on animals, kids, or celebrities! But sometimes the best moment is when two celebrities unknowingly wear the same outfit and we get to judge who wore it best. Here are some of our favorite looks of celebrities in same outfit.

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10. Jennifer Lopez and Devon Windsor

These two may be wearing the same dress, but it looks completely different on both of them! J-Lo was the first to wear the outfit at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2017, pairing it with black stilettos – her famous curves really set the whole thing off! When Windsor wore the net-dress later that year to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she went for a sleek look, finishing off with black heels.

9. Christina Aguilera and Meghan Markle

Aguilera went for a right Goth look when wearing this dark coat! She paired it with dark glasses, a black beret and knee-high boots – a vibe that we’re definitely living for. Markle toned things down a bit, going for a casual look and looking every bit the Duchess she is.

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