Celebrities With The Most Confusing Names: Learn How to Pronounce Them!

Saoirse Ronan is an incredibly talented actress with a name that puzzles a lot of people. Indeed, upon seeing it for the first time, it’s difficult to figure out the right way it should be pronounced.

The actress, known for her performances in ‘Lovely Bones’ and ‘Atonement’, celebrates her 24th birthday today! What better way to honor this day than by setting the record straight and finally learning how to pronounce her name? What is more, we got an entire list of celebrity names for you to practice. Let’s get started!

Saoirse Ronan

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The actress was born in Ireland, which explains her unusual name. She has already starred in numerous successful movies, including the widely praised ‘Lady Bird’but it still doesn’t mean that people learned the right way to pronounce her first name, which means ‘freedom’ in Irish.


Chiwetel Ejiofor

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Yes, this name is just as difficult to pronounce as you may have suspected. The English actor, known for his incredible performances in ‘12 Years a Slave,’ ‘Children of Men,’ and many others, definitely deserves his name to be pronounced properly.

PRONUNCIATION: CHOO-ih-tell EDGE-ee-oh-for

Ralph Fiennes

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Are you surprised to see Ralph Fiennes on the list? You shouldn’t be. Numerous people get this one wrong and you may be one of them. From playing Lord Voldemort to starring in ‘Schindler’s List,’ Ralph Fiennes’ talent has no boundaries.


Zosia Mamet

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The 30-year-old American actress and musician has a name that you don’t see very often, so it’s not surprising that people don’t know how to pronounce it. The actress is best known for playing in several TV series, including ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Parenthood,’ and ‘United States of Tara.’


Steve Buscemi

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Buscemi played in too many movies to count. The 60-year-old actor has had a long career and starred in some well-known films, such as ‘Mystery Train,’ ‘King of New York,’ ‘Fargo,’ ‘Pulp Fiction,’ and many more. So, make sure you know how to pronounce his last name!


Charlize Theron

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Charlize has another one of those names that may seem straightforward, but it’s not actually the case. The talented Hollywood actress born in South Africa has won an Oscar for her role in ‘Monster’ and also got an Academy Award nomination for starring in ‘North Country.’


Malin Åkerman

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Malin Åkerman was born in Sweden, which explains why her name may be hard to pronounce for English-speaking people. The model and actress started her career by playing in various Canadian productions and then moved on to star in Hollywood films, including ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ and a romantic comedy 27 Dresses.’


Joe Manganiello

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The actor Joe Manganiello is known for his manly appearance, so it’s not surprising that he was named one of the hottest men of all time by the Men’s Health magazine. Manganiello is best known for playing the role of Alcide Herveaux in the successful HBO series ‘True Blood’ and for his performance in ‘Magic Mike.’

PRONUNCIATION: Joe MAN-guh-nell-oh

Famke Janssen

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Famke Janssen is a Dutch actress that is widely known for playing Jean Grey in the ‘X-Men’ series and her roles in TV series ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ and ‘Hemlock Grove.’ Besides being an actress, she also directed a movie ‘Bringing Up Bobby’ in 2011. It’s time to learn how to say her name!


Joaquin Phoenix

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The actor has a beautiful and unusual name that most people still haven’t learned how to pronounce correctly. Joaquin Phoenix has gotten three Academy Award nominations for his roles in ‘Gladiator,’ ‘The Master,’ and ‘Walk the Line.’ It’s not enough to know how he looks, his name is just as important.


Matthew McConaughey

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The actor, who got an Oscar for the role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ in 2013, is a total heartthrob. Before taking on his big role, Matthew starred in numerous romantic comedies that we all know and love, including ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ with Kate Hudson.


Mia Wasikowska

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Mia Wasikowska has a typical Polish last name thanks to her roots, but that doesn’t make it any easier to pronounce. The Australian actress became famous after playing in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Now, you no longer have to guess whether you’re saying her name correctly.


Shia Labeouf

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The star of the ‘Transformers’ franchise has a name that is truly one of a kind, but the actor doesn’t really like it because of its meaning. The name translates to ‘Thank God for beef.’ Well, that’s interesting. Learn how to say the actor’s name here. Just do it!


Now you’re fully prepared to have an intellectual conversation about your favorite movies!

Source: Hollywood.com