Denied Entry! 10+ Celebrities Banned From Foreign Countries

Imagine being denied entry to a country! For most of us, that’s quite a crazy idea: we’ve not done anything awful enough to get us banned for going to a different country. So that makes us wonder, what did these celebrities do that got them denied entry? Let’s find out – 10+ celebrities banned from foreign countries!

1. Katy Perry, China

Tinseltown /

The pop star has apparently been banned from China for life! It seems that the reason she has been banned from China is due to an incident where, during her concert at the Tapei Arena, she wore the Taiwanese flag, and then the fact that during her Prism tour she donned a sunflower – the significance of the sunflower is its relation to the Sunflower Student Movement, which protested a Chinese trade agreement back in 2014.

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