Are These 10 Celebrities Addicted To Botox?

It’s undeniable that there is huge pressure in the entertainment industry to look a certain way, but are some celebrities addicted to Botox? In the last five years it’s become even more common for celebrities to use Botox and fillers: where it was once just used by those who wanted to retain a youthful look, it’s now something that is being used by celebrities who have barely hit their 20s! Here are just some of the celebrities who have used Botox and fillers over the years.

10. Christie Brinkley


Everett Collection / Shutterstock


Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock

Ageless model, Christie is almost 65 and yet she still looks unbelievably young! This definitely partly due to her use of Botox, which she openly admits to using. We do wonder when enough will be enough though, as Brinkley’s face is starting to look quite fake! It would be very sad if she became one of that celebrities obsessed with plastic.

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