Catherine Zeta-Jones and her daughter have a secret from Michael Douglas

Of course, somebody thinks that being a daughter of celebrities does not differ much from having ordinary parents. But if your mum is Catherine Zeta-Jones and your dad is Michael Douglas some secrets of a teenager can become known to the public. For example, a celebrity mother told Yahoo that her daughter Carys, 14, had her short skirts sneaked by her popular father.

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A 48-year-old Zeta-Jones told that her daughter had to take a skirt in her bag because she would be accompanied by her father. She advised the girl to weak some vintage looking skirt but the latter explained that she would change leggings for that mini skirt at her friend’s home as that day her father took her to the train station. That means that a famous dad has no idea what his daughter is wearing to school when Catherine appreciates her daughter’s desire not to disappoint a father. She agrees that the fewer men know, the better it is.

A celebrity considers that Carys is very stylish but she keeps her dad’s nerves secure never overdoing the bod, but not with mini skirts, of course.

However, Carys likes doing things that everybody would love to do.
Zeta-Jones explained that it is customary for Carys to check her mum’s closet. She understands that her teenage daughter is a future lady, so she buys clothes and never throws it away. It is interesting as Catherine’s mother was a designer and sewed wonderful outfits in the 70s. All these, as well as her daughter’s clothes, were given to her mother’s sisters without any regret, so Catherine promised to keep all her things for her daughter as well for her to enjoy the beauty of fantastic vintage items.
A celebrity couple has also a son Dylan, who is 17.
Catherine calls herself a proud and happy mother as both her children deserve a right to be called ‘good citizens of the planet’. Each of them was raised on the basis of good values and morals. Both of them have excellent BS detectors and are A-grade students at the school. She admits loving the teenage age, by would never agree to go through all those diapers again.

According to the Oscar winner, the savviness of her teenagers has been formed during upbringing. A great part of their early life Dylan and Carys have spent in Bermuda close to Douglas’s relatives.

But once Catherine decided that the island was too tiny for her and they moved to the ‘big world’. So once she woke the children up realizing that she has already done everything to prepare them for a bad world. She taught them to be savvy, smart and deal with different staff to ‘know the game’ of life.

Being heirs of the honorary Kirk Douglas both children wish to join their celebrity parents in show business. What is interesting, their mother whose career as an actress has lasted for more than 30 years is ready to support them in their decisions.

She confesses that many people wonder how she feels about that, but she will not make them change the direction as they do their job rather well and love it. She respects their choice knowing all the pros and cons of this career, but having an actor’s blood running through their veins it is difficult to change anything.

Catherine also added that her acting experience was wonderful, so how can she steer them away from what she likes doing herself.

Zeta-Jones is very supportive of the Time’s Up movement for women equality in Hollywood, but it will not make her change her mind.

She says that it happens not only in showbiz, as inequality is everywhere: in politics, subway, boardroom or doctor’s office. At the same time, she inspires them to be aware of the industry business side too, as it would be difficult to achieve heights in Hollywood nowadays as much has changed. These are not the way films are created, but the corporate world surrounding them and they should not get lost.

One more benefit of having Oscar-winning parents is free lessons in filmmaking. Being a film producer, Douglas always asks the opinion of his family members regarding different film cuts.

Zeta-Jones can be rather helpful in learning how to prepare for roles. Her role of Griselda Blanco in the film Cocaine Godmother is one of her kids’ favorite ones as they have literally lived through it. They have looked through the abundance of information and saw how Catherine worked on her scenes, improved her accent and did homework. She says that Griselda has become a new family member for some time.

The premiere of Cocaine Godmother took place on January 20 at 8 p. m. on Lifetime.

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