Cardi B Reveals Her Fiancé Offset Already Named Their Baby

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Pregnant Cardi B is everywhere these days. The rapper appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show on Thursday and offered some details on her future baby.

The 25-year-old revealed that she and her fiancé Offset already picked the name for the baby. According to Cardi B, it was her future husband that named the baby and she really likes the name. She also said that she is going to ‘let him say the name because he named the baby.’

Kiari Cephus, also known as Offset, and Cardi got engaged in October 2017 after they have been dating for eight months. The Bronx-born rapper revealed her pregnancy during her Saturday Night Live performance.

When asked about her controversial twerking moves at the stage of Coachella, the hip-hop star seemed unbothered and simply replied that ‘the more you move, the easier the baby will come out.’ The rapper, who fans love not only for her talent but also openness and excellent sense of humor, commented on the photo from her Coachella performance. She said that she just wanted ‘to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place.’ Oh, Cardi.

Tomorrow, @iamcardib tells me how she got pregnant. #okurrrr

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During her conversation with Ellen, Cardi also talked about her experience working as a stripper in New York. She said that this type of work is obviously not for everybody, but it paid her bills and she managed to purchase her own apartment.


Source: Daily Mail

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