14 Most Relatable Things That Can Go Wrong On the First Date

Do you feel anxious just thinking about going on another first date? Totally understandable. Dating can be fun but it can also be boring and frustrating. Some dates go smoothly while others can be a complete nightmare. If you are thinking about whether you should go on another date ever again, here are some of the things that can go wrong. We warned you.

Your date is nowhere to be found

You arrive at the place where you agreed to meet up. He texted you that he was already there, but you can’t see him anywhere! Now you just stand there awkwardly, wondering what you are getting yourself into. The date hasn’t even begun, but it’s already confusing.


You get delayed in public transport

Public transport may cause all kinds of unexpected surprises. So naturally, when you are on your way to your first date, the subway will get delayed by an hour or even break down completely. Your date will probably understand the situation, but they might also assume that you are the type of person who’s constantly late. Ugh.


He looks completely different

Unfortunately, this problem is not as uncommon as you may think if you prefer online dating. When you see the person for the first time and realize that they used a photo from 10 years ago in their profile, all you’ll want to do is turn around and leave. It’s just completely unfair!


You don’t understand each other’s signals

When you talk to a person you don’t really know well, miscommunication is bound to happen. Meeting for ‘drinks’ can be interpreted as going to a fancy restaurant for a full-course meal. Now you find yourself stuck on a 4-hour date when you were only planning to go out for an hour. You are lucky if you actually find enough things to talk about.


Your BFF won’t stop texting

You have your phone in your pocket (because you obviously haven’t put it on the table in front of your date) and it just won’t stop buzzing. Your friend wants to discuss her personal problems and you just don’t know whether you should answer. The struggle.


You misinterpreted everything

You think you are on a real date but the guy thinks you are amazing best friend material! Or, you think he has the boyfriend potential but he just keeps talking about all the different girls he’s hooked up with. Great. Just great.


You order another drink while he doesn’t

Do you want a clear sign that there won’t be a second date? If you order another drink and your date doesn’t, it just means that they are not as into you as you initially thought. Now you have the permission to feel like dating is a complete waste of time and you will never find your match.


You catch him lying

Apparently, he doesn’t live in an apartment on his own after all, he lives with his parents. Oh, and he’s not a lawyer, he is still studying. Surprise! These little things make you wonder why you even agreed to meet up with a person who can’t even say the truth.


He doesn’t want to pay

You shouldn’t expect a guy to pay, but it’s definitely a nice gesture if everything is going well. If he refuses to pay, it’s possible that he is just not that interested.


He gives you a hug and you want to run

If the date was far from perfect and the guy gives you a huge hug, you may get an urge to just run for the hills. For some reason, the guys that you don’t like just really want to give you a hug.


You have nothing in common

While they say that opposites attract, that’s not necessarily always the case. When you have nothing to discuss or you feel like your stories bore him, it’s a clear sign that it probably won’t work out.


You start rambling

Being nervous often equals rambling. And it can get too much really fast. You may not realize that it’s happening before it’s too late and he seems bored out of his mind. Not an ideal situation, let’s just say that.

He doesn’t get your humor

He doesn’t get your quirky sense of humor and so you start feeling awkward instead of fully enjoying expressing yourself. Some people are just not meant to be together, and that’s okay, although quite frustrating.


You think it was fun but he says ‘take care’

It doesn’t get more obvious than this. You just wasted precious time you could have spent watching Netflix and eating your favorite snacks. Fortunately, there are plenty of people for you to talk to on a dating app.


Source: TheTalko