Bush League Days Of 16 Celebrities: Awkward!

There does not exist a celeb, who became a star all at once. They’ve all been through some difficult or not ways before becoming a known face. Let’s take a look at these 16 celebs, who was not so famous in childhood or even in youth. Not all, but some of them had been through really not famous period! So, here we have the top of bush league days of 16 celebrities!

16. Jimmy Kimmel

Little Jimmy Kimmel reminds us all of our humble photographic beginnings. Who could have seen it coming that the little boy in the picture would grow up to be such an influence in the world? Photos like these are a good way to keep track of how far we have come with our goals and aspirations in life. The grainy and slightly blurred picture shows a different Jimmy from the one we have all gotten used to.

15. Blake Lively


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It appears even the unruffled Blake Lively went through an awkward phase during her teenage years. In the picture, Blake is seen cheek to cheek with a feline dressed in matching goggles. How does this photo compare with recent ones of a more mature Blake who seems so unfazed on the red carpet? The self-confidence was always there, that clear.