Bulldog Mother Watches Over Premature Pups in Incubator

The look on a mother’s face when they see their children for the first time is something so pure and beautiful; and it isn’t just humans that have this motherly love towards their offspring. This is Kuma. She’s a four-year-old French Bulldog who has just given birth in a vet’s surgery in Thailand on the 20th of April.


Unexpectedly, the puppies were premature. But this mother wasn’t ready to give up on them and didn’t leave their side as two of them were kept in an incubator at the vet. She pawed at the incubator as if wanting to break through while staring with nothing but love in her eyes at her babies while they tried to absorb as much heat as they could. The father (also a French Bulldog) wasn’t too far off, either – he’s called Sour Pork and he sat nearby wearing a floral shirt to already embarrass his pups the moment they were brought into the world. The footage is incredibly heart-warming and shows that the love of a parent isn’t exclusive to humans.

USA News / Youtube

You guys will be happy to know that the three puppies went home with their mother and father just later that day and didn’t have any differences from normal puppies despite being premature. They are now establishing themselves as part of the Yuta Family which has eight other dogs.

The owner of this dog family said: “They’re so cute. We love having them at home. Kuma was just watching her puppies like a nurse. She kept checking on them.” 

How sweet.


Source: Daily Mail