11 Tips To Get Rid Of Bruises Quickly!

We all know someone who is clumsy and gets bruised a lot – of perhaps you’re into sport that lands you with some unsightly bruises over your skin. Sometimes, when they’re big and all you want to do is get your legs or arms out and get some of that summer sun on them, you can’t help but wonder how to get rid of bruising quickly. The average healing time of a bruise is two weeks but you can speed this up with these tips!

11. Rest 


Sometimes when we have a busy lifestyle, this seems like an impossible feat but you definitely need to take some rest. Put your feet up. This will help to reduce blood flow to the bruise so it won’t darken. Bruises are formed because of the trapped blood from broken capillaries that pool beneath your skin’s surface. Make sure you keep your bruised area above your heart as this will drain the fluid and reduce any pressure against the skin.