Brave Diver Pulls Hook Out Of Shark’s Mouth – Wow!

A diver recently shocked the entire world with her bravery when she pulled out a hook that got caught in a shark’s mouth.

Leigh Cobb, diver and marine biologist, encountered an oceanic whitetip shark that had a fishing hook stuck in its mouth. Drawing the shark in with a fish, she placed a hand on the shark’s nose and pulled the hook out. According to Leigh, the hand position allowed her to “hypnotize” the shark, since its senses are all in the front of its face.

Leigh believes she saved the shark’s life by ridding it of the hook which had been preventing it from eating.

As part of her job, Leigh runs trips from Florida to the Bahamas, where she introduces tourists to sharks and shares her knowledge of their world. Her goal is to help people see that sharks are not the monsters they are thought to be.

Watch the video of the encounter to see Leigh’s amazing bravery with your own eyes!