Boost Your Immunity Ready For Autumn

Autumn is almost here, so if you’re not on the health-bandwagon already, it’s time to check in now! This season is a breeding ground when it comes to illnesses, particularly the common cold. To avoid all of these nasties, it’s important to boost your immunity ahead of time, and we’ve got the tips to help you do so!

 5. Take supplements


The sun kind of goes away, immediately zapping us of our vitamin D – so that’s something that we need to supplement straight away! Taking the right supplements can really help to boost your energy, happiness, and general health as well as your immune system.

 4. Exercise


Just because it’s a little bit colder, it doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to stop looking after your body. Exercise helps take care both of our physical bodies and our minds. There have also been indicators to show that regular exercise can help ensure that your body will be in the right condition to fight off those pesky flu viruses.

 3. Fermented food


Foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut are so good for our body when it comes to getting our immune systems boosted as they are full of healthy bacteria, which can promote a stronger gut – which is where most of your immune cells are located!

 2. Get out into the cold


Embrace the cooler temperatures – they can help to boost your metabolism and your immune system! Maybe even try a blast of cold water at the end of your shower? You’ll be feeling super rejuvenated after that.

 1. Sleep


We can’t emphasize how amazing sleep can be for your health; remember, this is the time that your body takes to recharge and build its strength up again.