Blogger Mimi Ikonn explained what inspires her to breastfeed a daughter of 15 months old

Famous blogger Mimi Ikonn and her spouse, Alex from London do not mind showing many aspects of their family life in public including friends and key to a successful marriage on Instagram and YouTube. Every member of the couple adds posts on a daily basis showing their routine life, telling about their secrets of a happy and healthy lifestyle and ways how they struggle with possible difficulties. One of the latest Ikonn’s posts was dedicated to not an easy task every mother of a newborn child has to deal with.

She added a photo of herself and her little daughter Alexa, who is only 15 months old and accompanied it by a story how her breastfeeding trip was passing and what difficulties she had to experience.

What a journey it’s been – our breastfeeding journey. If someone told me I’d still be breastfeeding you at 15 months – I’d think they are joking ?considering how rocky it all started for us- excruciating pain due to nipple blisters and feeding for about 10-12 hours a day minimum ? sitting in the same spot for hours ( for someone who has a hard time sitting still for a moment ) it was insanely hard – probably one of the hardest things I had to do after giving birth of course. And yet we are still on this journey – mainly because it seems breastfeeding is like a magical pain reliever that soothes you when you are in pain or overwhelmingly upset. It’s like a magical ?‍♀️ wand. So for now we keep going as I know on one day it will inevitably come to an end and be a beautiful memory❤️ #breastfeeding #momanddaughter #15monthsold #alexalove

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She admitted that she had never thought she would feed her daughter at the age of 15 months. Ikonn explained that they had had a rocky start so it was probably the most unbearable thing for her after the baby birth. However, they have not left this way yet.

Ikonn listed multiple difficulties connected with her breastfeeding, but she is also very happy to continue the feeding process she called “a magical wand” as it helped to heal her daughter.

A blogger compares breastfeeding with a soothing pain relieving pill that magically helps to get rid of pain or bad mood. That is why they continue the process understanding that soon it might become only a dim recollection of the past.

The post was read multiple times and there are over 500 responses of mothers who tell their own experience of breastfeeding, pain related to it, a continuation of the process until a child refuses etc. Every mum has devoted different time period for breastfeeding: it has lasted from 4 months up to 4 years. One more topic raised in the discussion is the time when a child is already old enough to be fed in this way and how a mother should understand when it is time to stop.

The responses to the post were quite different. Someone asked how she would know when it was time to stop, the others criticized Ikonn for not ceasing feed in at the age of 1 year. Yahoo Lifestyle decided to ask a professional lactation consultant and Leigh Anne O’Connor told that there is no any problem in breastfeeding after 1 year.

According to the consultant, a biological age when kids should be fed by weaning is between 4 and 7 years. These are women’s decision to take children off the breast as it is strange to nurse a toddler already. The reason for such an opinion is breast sexualization and use in the adult advertising, so its biblical objective is considered not normal.

Being also a leader of La Leche League and organizing consultations for toddler mothers O’Connor opened up another reason that makes women stop weaning earlier: it is a short maternity leave when nursing is stopped never reaching even a year. But they should remember that the immune system might develop for several years and milk can be very helpful in it.

O’Connor also supported Ikonn’s viewpoint that nursing is useful for soothing boo-boo and hydrating a child who got sick. Moreover, it can also make memories of the early childhood funny and sweet.

No wonder Ikonn is trying to embrace the following pleasant moments as long as possible because it is her first baby.