The Blake Lively Fashion Transformation: What Outstanding Outfits !

Blake Lively has been on our fashion radar for more than a decade now, and at first, it was not for the right reasons! Nowadays, she knows exactly what she’s doing and we’ve not seen her make a fashion faux pas for quite some time. Check out our Blake Lively fashion transformation below and see if you can choose your favorite look!

1. First Red Carpet

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In 2005, Blake attended the Kids Choice Awards, her first appearance on the red carpet! She decided to pair some elaborately rolled ripped jeans with some strappy heels. We’re not too sure about the look, especially the low-rise and semi-bared midriff, but she was young! At least her more recent red carpet looks are a lot more appropriate.

2. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Premiere

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Ok, so this look is definitely a little better. Blake is sporting a silky A-line, burnt orange dress, paired with some minimalistic strappy heels. We were all for it, but the bangles are maybe taking things a little too far! Can you count how many bangles are on her right wrist, we gave up. We’re fans of the simple updo, though, nice and elegant!

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