Blake Lively Deletes Her Instagram And It Gets Creepy!

Andrea Raffin /

If you are a celebrity and you think that you don’t get enough attention, one of the easiest way to get the press to notice you is by simply deleting your social media account. Blake Lively decided to dramatically delete her Instagram to spread the word about her upcoming project. How clever!

Last night, the actress deleted all the photos from her Instagram and unfollowed everyone, even her husband Ryan Reynolds! What is more, Blake wrote ‘What happened to Emily?…’ in her bio and followed 36 completely random girls named Emily Nelson. While it may seem super creepy, the explanation is actually quite simple, as Emily is the name of Blake’s character in her upcoming movie ‘A Simple Favor.’

Blake Lively/Instagram

Mashable found a tweet from one of the girls that Blake followed and it became obvious that the actress followed people randomly and they weren’t aware of what was happening.

One Emily didn’t waste her time and DM’d Lively. The two had a light-hearted exchange.

Before her Instagram purge, Lively posted a photo of herself playing Hangman on Twitter. The answer to the game was, of course, ‘What happened to Emily?’

The new movie starring Blake Lively, ‘A Simple Favor,’ tells us a story of a blogger (Anna Kendrick) that tries to find her friend Emily Nelson (Blake Lively) that mysteriously disappeared.

Considering that Lively started promoting the movie, we can expect a teaser quite soon. The movie comes out on September 14.


Source: Elle