Is This The Birth Of A New Dancing Meme?

Teachers don’t like it when students are late to class. But what about students themselves?

Brandon Goderich seems to enjoy being late! His professor has a special penalty for students who come late – they have to dance their right to enter the class. And Brendon is more than happy to obey! Even more – apparently, he likes it so much that this is not the first time he’s been late.

As someone on Twitter put it, the kid is a pure and holy dancing man. Just look at his face, filled with concentration and joy! Could it be that this dancing punishment was invented especially for him?

This comes only a few days after the breakdancing geometry teacher:

Is this some kind of dancing fever? Is it contagious? Wait, my leg is tapping… I should go see a doctor!

Still, it’s fun! Don’t be afraid to step outside your limits and maybe you will be the next star of the Internet!