10 Best Autumn Vegetarian Recipes!

Being vegetarian is good for you, and good for the planet! And if these amazing vegetarian recipes don’t convince you that you can enjoy food even without meat, then what hope is there?

10. Avocado fries

Simple and delicious, just when you thought you couldn’t incorporate any more avocado in your life! These wedges are super creamy and come with a satisfying crunch. A great starter to impress the guests at your Mexican-themed dinner party.


In a shallow bowl incorporate the salt, paprika, and flour. In a second bowl, beat the eggs. Open the bag of tortilla chips and crush them into small pieces (crushing them in the bag is easiest). Pour a quarter of the bag into a third, shallow bowl.

Lightly oil a baking tray, and set it under the grill at medium heat. Meanwhile, cut the avocados in half, remove the stone and carefully scoop the halves out with a large spoon. Cut each half into 4 wedges and dip them in the flour mix, then into the eggs, and finally press them into the tortilla chips to coat. Add more of the tortilla chips to the bowl as necessary.

Place the pieces onto the oiled baking tray and grill them for around 3 minutes. Once one side is golden, turn them over and repeat the process. Serve immediately for optimum crunch!