Best Tips To Protect Your Hair While You Sleep!

We all know that overworking your hair with a heated tool or too much product can ruin it, as can bleaching. But one of the worst culprits for our hair being damaged is sleeping. Yes, everyone knows about bedhead – and this is how you can protect your hair from it overnight!


In six easy steps:

Throw Away Your Elastic Bands

Trust us. Just throw them away. Lots of people sleep with their hair tied with an elastic band; but this isn’t the best thing for your hair. You can use softer bands such as scrunchies as these won’t be as harsh – who has had to cut a band out of their hair before? Elastic bands are especially bad as they put stress on your hair shaft and your roots.

Use an Overnight Treatment

An overnight treatment does exactly what it says on the bottle – it works overnight to restore moisture to your hair or to repair broken ends.
Submerge a little bottle of lemongrass oil in a cup of hot water – this will let the oil become more fluid. Once it is this consistency, apply the oil to the ends of your hair and put it in a top-knot. Then wrap your hair in a gentle fabric like silk to keep the oil away from your precious pillow covers. The treatment will work overnight. Don’t wet your hair first the next morning – take your favourite shampoo and apply it directly onto the hair. Then you can wash your hair as normal.

Come On Let’s Twist Again 

Twist your hair around itself until it starts to cave into itself and wrap it into a top knot on top of your head – use a thick scrunchie to secure it in place. When you unravel it the next morning, you will have mermaid waves (dependent on your hair type).


If you like your hair to be red-carpet sleek, then use this wrapping technique. Starting at the top of your head, use a brush and begin wrapping the hair around the back of your head, securing each section with a strong bobby pin as you work through your hair.

Trade in Your Pillow Case

If you guys have a cotton pillow case then chuck it away with your elastic bands. The best pillow cover for your hair is either silk or satin. If you don’t have the money for these type of pillows then you can achieve a similar finish by wrapping your hair in either a silk or a satin scarf.

Brush Your Hair Before Bed

It may seem a bit pointless as you’re just going to lay down on it but it is one of the best things that you can do for healthy hair. Use a brush with natural bristles or use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair from the root to the ends until it is completely tangle free. This will help the natural oils from your scalp to move through your hair.

Source: Stylecaster

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