The Best Celebrity Pranks Ever: We Can’t Stop Laughing!

If you’re like us, then you love a good prank, and if you can’t remember the joy of pulling a prank on someone then it sounds like you’re in serious need of a humour injection! This list will remind you just how fun it is to be a part of a prank, whether it’s being pulled on you or if you are the mastermind. Get your inspiration from this list of the best celebrity pranks!

9. Adele

We love this prank because it’s really just so cute! Adele wears a disguise and joins a group of ‘Adele’ impersonators, calling herself ‘Jenny.’ Obviously, the Adele impersonators are huge fans, so the look on their faces when ‘Jenny’ starts singing is of pure joy! They can tell straight away that they’re in the presence of their idol, and the cute prank goes down really well.