‘Bad Constipation’ Results In Teenager’s Death

Jack Dunn, who was only 17, complained about his harsh stomach ache that did not allow him to move well Shareably reports. He was taken to the hospital by parents as soon as they understood the seriousness of the case for the doctors to perform necessary tests.

The diagnosis issued to the Welsh boy was bad constipation. Jack was prescribed laxative medications that help with this problem but unfortunately, the diagnosis was much worse in reality. Only in 24 hours after he left the medical institution Kieron, Jack’s dad, saw the boy breathless.

His parents questioned the doctors’ concern about his aching stomach. They were suspicious of appendicitis but scanning has not confirmed that.

Facebook / Jack Dunn

In the interview with The Sun boy’s father admitted that having taken him to A&E they had no reasons not to trust medical workers. He was almost unable to walk. A bladder scan undertaken has shown nothing. The doctor was confused and supposed that it was only bad constipation.

However, a real reason for Jack’s pain in the stomach area was found out only when he died.
In reality, the boy suffered from diabetic ketoacidosis.

Such a dangerous condition happens when a human’s organism is not able to provide itself with enough insulin. So the body starts producing too many ketones or blood acids.

Kieron also explained that all the boy’s difficulties with breathing were nothing else than anxiety. But in fact, the reason for that was ketoacidosis as it leads to closing down of the organs.

He also said that never in his life did he feel worse than at the moment when he saw his son dead. He wished doctors had performed more tests on that day and his son would not die.

The simplest glucose test could save the boy’s life according to his parents.

There was an increased number of white blood cells in Jack’s blood. It indicated that not everything was ok and one more test for ketones could help him to survive.

If to detect ketoacidosis early, necessary medicine and insulin can cope with the condition. A person suffering from this disease usually has such symptoms as fatigue, more often peeing, feeling confused, thirsty and fast breathing.

The goal set by the boy’s parents was to tell more people about the ketoacidosis for others not to get in the same trap as Jack did.

Kieron told that his son has been an energetic and healthy boy for 17 years of his life and his death is a very devastating loss for his family. Let other people be aware of the serious condition of ketoacidosis at least on the example of his son.