Autumn Expectations Vs. Reality In 8 GIFs!

Well, commonly people like warmth. Summer always can’t come soon enough…but autumn. Sometimes we do wait for it for several reasons. Beautiful photo sessions, pies, Halloween, nice looks. However, our expectations do not always match the reality as we wish. Let’s see what we have on the back end of autumn expectations.


1. Expectations

Beautiful photos


Yeah, right

2. Expectations

Wonderful weather


That lasts a few minutes

3. Expectations

You will have fun with the leaf pile


If it ever stops raining

4. Expectations

You will dress fancy


Just. Forget it.

5. Expectations

You will be eating pies all the time!


Until you realize you need a new pair of jeans

6. Expectations

You will keep being active


Only in specific situations

7. Expectations

You won’t be in a funk


Of course, you will!

8. Expectations

The study season began! You will learn something new!


Oh, it’s a new season of whatever