Is Ariana Grande Pregnant?

The famous singer hasn’t posted anything on social media since before the New Year and appeared in public only once this year, wearing a puffy jacket and holding a notebook to hide her belly from curious eyes. This made people think that Ariana is pulling a Kylie Jenner, hiding her pregnancy until the birth of the baby. According to Hollywood Gossip, it is indeed true.

A source close to the family reports Ariana to be pregnant with Mac Miller’s baby. But unlike Jenner, she doesn’t plan to hide her pregnancy till the end. She wants to announce it on 20th week after the dangerous period passes.

Ariana Grande / Instagram

The tipsters associate Grande’s absence at the Brit Awards ceremony with her pregnancy too. She might have been afraid of having a long-haul flight in her condition.

Mac Miller is said to have been dumbfounded by the news but then grow to be as happy as Ariana.  The couple has already come up with names for the baby: Luna if it’s a girl and Frank if it’s a boy.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. Credit: Getty Images / Global Images Ukraine