Age Isn’t The Limit: 93-Year-Old Granny Travels To Africa With A Very Special Purpose

93-year-old Norma Irma is traveling from Italy to Kenya with a special purpose. She abandoned her native Noventa Vicentina to help at an African orphanage.

Norma is used to giving constant donations to this place, founded by an Italian missionary. The woman has been donating her money for years, but this year she decided: money’s not enough. There’s effort needed. 

Norma and her daughter set off for Kenya for help. The inspiring story was posted by Norma’s granddaughter Elisa Coltro on Facebook.

What are her future plans? For now, the Granny and her daughter want to stay helping at the orphanage for at least three weeks.

“Or perhaps my grandma will decide to stay and won’t come back,” Coltro added. “It’s entirely possible, knowing her big heart and her energy.”


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