A sixth grader from Clay Township passes away from symptoms of flu

Michael Messenger from Clay Township enjoyed playing on nerves of his elder sister, entertaining with his elder brother and taking care of the younger sister.
According to Thetimesherald, He was only 12 when on Thursday flu-like symptoms became a reason for his death.

Michael’s mother, Jessica Decent-Doll, commented that every member of the family tries to cope with grief.

Her only advice is to turn to a doctor if you see that symptoms become worse. You shouldn’t wait as the flu of this season is very dangerous.

According to Decent-Doll, the initial symptoms of the disease were noticed on Tuesday when Michael vomited in the evening.

As the symptoms were worsening his father drove a boy to urgent medical care late on Wednesday. In the hospital, his vitals were evaluated as normal and a doctor prescribed him anti-nausea medicine.

As most of you may have already heard, my family and I, have had probably the absolute worst thing in the world happened…

Posted by Jessica Decent-Doll on Saturday, January 13, 2018

Doctor’s advice was to take care of Michael and give him to drink. She also mentioned that he was tested for flu and the result was negative.

All Wednesday night she was sitting by her son and made a decision to return to the emergency room when all her children will leave for school.

The mother told that they left a boy for him to sleep. But soon after 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, January 11 his father decided to wake him up but he did not respond.

She hurried upstairs and did everything for him to speak with her but there was no reaction at all.

Decent-Doll called 911 and learned instructions from dispatchers how CPR is performed, it was required until the emergency comes. But that gave no desirable result and Michael’s death was determined at St. John River District Hospital. She added that her state was impossible to describe with words.

According to the local police officer the case is not considered to be a crime.

An upset mother also told that they had not received the results of the autopsy that might explain what was a cause of his death as the boy was vaccinated against flu in December.

The boy was very active, was interested in science and loved every family member according to his mum. He was intelligent, enthusiastic and dreamt to become an engineer. Being so small he was still very mighty.

The family was supported by others who sent money to a gofundme account created for them. By Tuesday, there have already been almost $8,000 and donations continue to be accepted.

The headline of the page describes Mikey as an energetic, full of life boy whose smile was a real miracle.

The boy will be buried at 1 p. m. on Thursday, while everyone can visit a boy for the last time from 2 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday at Kaul Funeral Home, 35201 Garfield Road, Clinton Township.

Michael studied in the 6th grade at Algonquin Elementary. Every student of his class who wishes to talk about the loss can turn to a member of St. Clair County Community Mental Health, who comes on Monday.