A disabled 9-year-old boy found dead with weight of 15 pounds only

OpposingViews reports about a boy of 9 years with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, who died from neglecting and malnourishment. Four adults from Indiana were accused of the crime.

On February 21, a 911 call provided the Vigo County Sheriff’s Office with the information about a boy found dead at a Fontanet home. The Associated Press reports that it was Cameron Hoopingarner, whose death was confirmed after he was driven to the city Union hospital.

Sheriff Greg Ewing was terrified by the discovery as the boy suffered from blindness, lacked nourishment and his weight did not exceed 15 pounds only.

Police is suspicious of the adult inhabitants of the home to be guilty of the crime, so four of them have been arrested.

My Wabash Valley reports that Hubert and Robin Kraemer were official guardians of the boy and took care of him since his third day of life.

Another couple Chad Kraemer and Sarah Travioli lived in that house with their two kids as well. Both children aged 3 and 5 are now sent to the protective services because their mom and dad are behind the bars.

The biological parents of the dead boy were told about the way their child had died. However, they refused from making any statements about the case the officials reported.

The case details provided by Vigo County Sheriff’s Department on February 22 state that all 4 adults were accused of neglecting that led to child’s death. Kraemer and Travioli were also accused of the fact that they failed to report about the neglected child.

Sheriff Ewing told that such attitude to a small child made him feel mad. Moreover, it was a boy who suffered from blindness and was physically weak provided by the guardians. He was shocked to learn that a child was starved to death by those people, who he called ‘animals’.

Later he added that the photos of the place and a dead body were similar to ones taken in the Auschwitz concentration camp at the time of WW II.

All 4 adults are now in the Vigo County prison and can be let only for a $250,000 bond. A local court will determine their charges on February 24.