Trying To Figure Out If He’s Serious About You? Pay Attention To These 9 Clues!

Men are often embarrassed to talk about their feelings, considering them to be “girl stuff”. To them, actions speak louder than words. He may seem reserved, but the things he does can tell you everything you need to know about his feelings.

1. He isn’t too proud to double text.


Nobody likes to appear needy. But if the guy puts his self-consciousness aside and double-texts you, he really wants to be in touch with you.

2. He can easily agree to sleep over at your place


No matter how close and cuddly you get on your dates, in early stages of a relationship, you would still prefer the comfort and privacy of your own bed. So, when a man decides to spend a night at yours, it is quite a sign.

3. He wants to take part in your daily routine


When your dates are not actually “dates”, but rather you two going on all kinds of errands, things couldn’t be better for you. If a guy offers doing groceries together, it means he wants to be with you in any situation.

4. He feels free to leave his toothbrush at your place


When he spends nearly half a week at yours, leaving his toothbrush there seems to be logical and practical. However, it freaks some guys out, so they try to hide any trace of their presence in your apartment. So, if the man feels free to leave his toothbrush, or whatever else he needs, at your place, it means that he’s really got a thing for you.

5. He isn’t too shy to tell “I miss you”


Admitting you need someone can be quite intimidating. Even girls often find it difficult to say “I miss you” out loud, let alone guys.  But the one who really likes you will just say it out loud.

6. He wants to introduce you to his friends


Meeting his friends is only one step away from meeting his parents. It means that you have become a significant part of his life.

7. He gets a little handsy with you


We don’t mean heavy making-out in public. Little touches, like his hand on your shoulder, on your waist, or simply holding hands, are sweet and show that he is seriously into you.

8. He puts away his phone while talking to you


Staring at a phone while talking to someone is downright rude, but we have all been guilty of that. So, when the guy puts his gadget away on the date, it is quite a gesture. He wants to talk to you and you alone, while his online chat may wait a bit.

9. He likes sharing his favorite things with you


If the guy wants to show you his favorite things, like movies, music or pictures, it means that he wants you to know more about him. It’s like opening a door to his soul. What could be more intimate?

Source: Cosmopolitan