9 Nasty Clashes Of Celebrities With Paparazzi!

Thanks to the tabloids fans get to know the latest news concerning their favorite celebrities and even what is happening in their everyday lives. However, this comes at the cost of celebrities’ privacy and there have been memorable incidents when celebrities have waged war against the paparazzi and their cameras. Let’s find out the names that are so wanted by paparazzi! 

9. Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has gotten her fair share of publicity ever since becoming a royal. The Duchess of Cambridge was caught on camera sunbathing on a terrace in France while vacationing with her husband. The royal family was not going to have the paparazzi run off unchecked just a month after the leakage of Prince Harry’s naked pictures from a party in a Las Vegas hotel room. The French magazine Closer was ordered by the court to hand over all digital copies of the Duchess in the South of France or face an enormous fine. The issue of paparazzi has never been downplayed considering the British royal family pinned Princess Diana’s car crash on the paparazzi’s insatiable appetite for photos. Princess Diana was the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. We hope the paparazzi have learned and this is the last time we here of dealing royal celebrities with paparazzi.