8 Times Cheeky Animals Ruined Sports Events!

Have you ever had a cat look at you, look at your pint of water, look at you again, and then knock the glass over? Well, if you had then you wouldn’t need us to tell you that animals do not care about the comfort of humans when it comes to doing what they want. If you needed further proof of their indifference, then take a look at the following videos of these cheeky animals completely ruining sporting events!

 8. Squirrel on the pitch!

During a college football game, this squirrel made his way onto the field, drawing all spectator attention his way. He didn’t just hop on and hop off – the squirrel ran the whole length of the field into the end zone, practically scoring his own touchdown!

 7. Soccer pup

When this playful pup interrupted a soccer match – by making off with the team’s ball – he was so popular with the crowd that he even scored a post-game interview! We’re surprised that anyone could catch him!

 6. Cat on the pitch!

This is one of our favorites; these teams are just trying to have a game of baseball when a nonchalant cat just strolls onto the field, bypassing team members like they’re in the way! We feel sorry for the poor guy who has to go collect the feline – he’ll be needing some ointment for those scratches.

 5. Pine biting!

Pine Martens are cute looking members of the weasel family…well, at least usually they’re cute. This one, however, decided not only to invade the pitch during a match but to take a chunk out of one of the players too! Ouch.

 4. Cat on the pitch! Again.

Check out the looks on the crowd’s faces when they spot this black cat on the pitch! The cheeky animal doesn’t seem to notice – or care – that he’s interrupting anything and enjoys a run around the grounds at his leisure before being captured at the edge of the pitch.

 3. Dog on the pitch!

This dog does more than just steal the football; he’s intent on chasing the players and wreaking some real havoc! Luckily no one has to attempt to catch the speedy beast, as he eventually tires of his game and passes through the barriers to get off of the pitch.

 2. Rooster…on the pitch?

This wasn’t one that we were expecting! How on earth did this rooster end up on the pitch during a football match between two Israeli teams? The funniest thing is watching him run circles around the three men trying to capture him.

 1. Pigeon attack!

This is one brutal bird. He swoops into the game, scaring one player out of his skin, and then just trotting away as though his task for the day has been completed.