7 Unexpected Things That Can Improve Your Relationship

People in long relationships know that it’s not all sunshine and roses. When you’re with someone for a longer period of time, some experiences can be less than comfortable. The good news is, there are ways to overcome difficult situations and become closer to your partner. Some of the recommended things may seem a bit strange at first glance, but they will eventually make your relationship stronger.

According to experts, the key to every successful relationship is open conversation and expression of feelings. No matter how simple this might seem, some people find it difficult to talk about their feelings.

The most common fears couples experience include feelings of indifference, fear of sexual prejudice, and fear of being rejected. Speaking your mind on these topics, no matter how uncomfortable it is, will do wonders for your relationship.

Here are seven unusual, yet crucial things to do in order to improve your relationship.

Changing the Way You See Your Partner

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Being in a long-term relationship means accepting someone with all their flaws. However, in the first few months of the relationship, people tend to show the best version of themselves and try to hide their downsides. To speed things up, change the perspective. For instance, going on a trip together can reveal a lot about your partner. Seeing how he or she reacts in stressful situations may tell you a lot about their true character. It can be a deal breaker or strengthen your relationship for good.

Using the Bathroom Together

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Experts say that one of most efficient ways to release all remaining inhibitions is to share the bathroom with your partner. It is rather uncomfortable letting someone in your private zone but overcoming your embarrassment is a huge step. If this seems impossible for you, start by talking and joking about some of the “unappealing” things that happen in the bathroom. Laughing about gross things can do wonders for your intimate life.

Discussing Past Relationships

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Many people don’t want to know about their partner’s former relationships. They also get stressed out when it comes to discussing their own exes. But experts claim that this is a great way to get closer to your partner because it helps you understand what both of you like and dislike, as well as what you expect from your relationship. Even if in the process you discover that your partner misses their ex, instead of making a scene, try to find out which aspects of the previous relationships he or she misses and try to apply it in a constructive way.

Discussing Financials


If you want to test your relationship, start talking money. This is a very sensitive topic which requires preparation and honesty. People don’t want to talk about their salaries and debts but in long-term relationships, discussing how you’ll handle the financials is inevitable.

If you’re planning a life together, things like buying a house or having kids need to be discussed and a financial plan has to be drafted. That way, both partners have shared responsibility and a sense of security about the future together.

Discussing Contraception

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If you want a quality sex life, be prepared to talk about it. People tend to avoid sex talks because they are scared of being judged for their sexual preferences. But as the relationship becomes more serious, another sex topic has to be opened – birth control. People often assume that their preferred type of contraception works for their partner too and never discuss this topic. Until unplanned pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection happens. Better safe than sorry, right?

Taking Care of Each Other in Case of Sickness

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Taking care of your partner when they’re sick is sweet and awkward at the same time. People act differently when they’re not healthy, so this is definitely a good way to see your partner in a different light. Seeing them helpless for the first time might be strange and even frightening but, at the end of the day, it is quite rewarding for your relationship.



Nobody likes to fight but in every relationship there comes a time for a good argument. Arguments help us set expectations and boundaries and are an indelible part of every loving relationship. However, there’s a difference between constructive and ugly arguments. The first rule when fighting is to avoid hurting each other’s feelings. The point is to find a compromise and a solution to the problem or overcome a difficult situation.

Happy, successful relationships are quite demanding. If you ever have any doubts, know that your partner probably feels the same. Communication and honesty are key to overcoming any problems and becoming closer than ever.


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