7 Places That Are Perfect For The Solo Traveler

There are many people who love traveling; exploring the different parts of this beautiful world that we have is mesmerizing – but have you ever considered doing it alone?

Many women who travel alone can tell you horror stories; especially if you’re traveling for the sole purpose of culture, not to meet someone. It can be a scary venture to think about going anywhere on your own, but it could also open up a lot of opportunities to meet new and exciting people.

Travel expert Breffni Horgan who works as Hostelworld’s head of product and design says that a lot of women are afraid to travel solo because they’ve been told it’s not possible or not safe. She encourages women to not let that stop them. “If you’ve done your research, planned wisely and set your mind on travelling, you will succeed and it will change your life. Everyone tells you that traveling will make you more confident, that you’ll find yourself, that you’ll be creatively inspired. That’s all true, but only if you take a chance on solo travel and embrace the challenges that will inevitably pop up along the way.”

In light of that, we have created a list of some of the perfect places for solo women travelers to visit; especially if you’re not looking for a holiday romance.

7. Houston, Texas. 


Houston has a thriving music scene that lives within quirky, individual bars that are streaming with friendly people. Alongside the live music played in bars, there are also an array of music festivals that are available at all times of the year; Day for Night and For the Community are just two examples of some of the festivals here where you can meet new friends over music you love. If you are interested in working while you travel, you’ll feel safe and comfortable in an artsy cafe or a bar such as the Brasil Cafe or Double Trouble. The weather is also warm enough so that you can sit outside – no matter what time of year that you visit. If you’re not feeling working or blogging while you’re here, you can go for a walk around Market Square, the Downtown Historic District, the GreenStreet shopping center for some retail therapy. If you want to make sure you’re in the middle of it all and you don’t miss anything, then you can stay in the super posh Hotel Alessandra. Fancy.