6 Times People Found Their Photos Used In The Most Inappropriate Context

You’d give away the rights to one of your photos for £50, wouldn’t you? Sure! Well, perhaps you’ll be thinking twice after hearing these 6 shocking stock photo stories! These stock photo models shared their hilarious stories via a Twitter thread this week, and – like them – you’ll be amazed at where their innocent photos ended up.

6. The impotence man

Kickstarting this series of unfortunate events is Marley, whose photo ended up on tobacco pouches as a warning that smoking increases the risk of impotence.

 5. The bestiality man

Marley’s thread was instantly answered by fellow unfortunate, Yari Kivaiko, whose sweet photo with his dog ended up being used in an article talking about bestiality. He says he uploaded the photo just to make a bit of extra cash and was “mortified” when he found out where it had ended up! Luckily, Yari has been able to see the funny side of things and laughs about it today.

 4. The woman who fantasises about sex with old men!

Samantha’s stock photo is of her looking slightly troubled – who would have thought that it would end up being picked to be the fronting photo in an article about a woman having group sex fetishes with fat old men. The photo was originally taken in a photoshoot for a cold and flu medication campaign, and Samantha never imagined that the tables could turn in such a way! Fortunately, the model found the whole thing hilarious, saying “How can you take it seriously? There are bigger things in this life to get concerned about.”

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