6 Time-Saving Stroller Lifehacks For Busy Parents

For parents with young kids, time is a precious resource. There is barely a minute to spare in between working and taking care of the little one. We have picked 6 things to do with your stroller to make your walks with kids stress-free.


1. Label the opening and closing buttons of your stroller with colored stickers.

2. Shoe organizer pockets can be a solution for spill-free cups storage. Just cut out a couple of pockets and attach them to your stroller basket with Velcro.

3. Tennis grip is good for fixing tears in stroller handles.

4. A large carabiner can be used as a peg for your purce, diaper bag or grocery bags.

5. Ankle weights attached to the front legs will prevent your stroller from flipping over when there are too many heavy things on its back.

6. To keep a stroller safe and secure in the trunk of you car loop a belt around headrests and tighten.

Watch the video below for more stroller lifehacks.