4 Types Of Hair Accessories To Rock At Any Festival

It’s not all about flower crowns at Coachella: there are plenty of other stunning hair accessories that will make you the most stylish person at the festival. If you have no idea how to stand out from the sea of girls wearing space buns, our selection of the best hair accessories is just what you need.


Hair Piercing


Hair piercing can look amazing regardless of how many braids you have. The piercings basically look like little metal beads or hoop earrings and they can easily add a little extra something to your hairstyle. There are many ways these amazing hair accessories can be worn, so it all depends on how extravagant you want to look. When attending Coachella, you can definitely go all out!




Statement Headbands


The flower crowns are still as popular as ever, but there is also another way to make your hairstyle more special. Instead of wearing a flower crown, you can opt for a statement headband. They can be made of different materials, including rhinestones and metal, so you can choose which one works best with your outfit.



There is one aspect of the desert that makes it less than fun, and that’s dust! Having a bandana on you is a great way to not only look like a true festival queen, but also protect your face and lungs. Another great way to use a bandana is, of course, on your hair. They come in all different colors and sizes and can be tied around your ponytail or your hairline. The latter will also keep the hair away from your face.



A headscarf can save you on a bad hair day, and it can also make you look amazing during the festival. There are many different ways you can tie the scarf depending on your creativity. Another option is simply getting a headscarf that has been pre-tied and has an elastic band. In such a way, you won’t have to worry about your headscarf not looking cute while you are having fun.



There is no reason to be like everyone else during the festival. It’s your time to shine and stand out! With these playful accessories, you won’t remain unnoticed.


Source: Elite Daily

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