5 Tips To Help You Be A Cool Kid At School

It’s that time again: back to school! If you want to impress and make sure you’re known as a cool kid at your school, then check out our list of tips below:

 5. Be Yourself


Don’t try and fake yourself to popularity, you’ll fall flat when you’re trying to keep up this persona around everyone all of the time. People will appreciate you for being yourself and knowing that you’re always being straight up with them. By being yourself you also make sure that the friendships you make are real, not superficial.

 4. Care about the right things


Don’t be too try-hard about everything, choose your causes carefully: you don’t want to come across as desperate, but you also can’t be indifferent. Be fearless and lay stake in the things you really care about, and take less notice of what others might expect from you – this inspires people and will attract them to you.

 3. Be a good soul


We don’t mean that you need to be best buds with everyone in your grade but try to acquaint yourself with as many people as you can. Cool kids are liked, and you get liked by being friendly. Don’t assume that someone isn’t worth your time, or that you’re not worth someone else’s time – say hello!

 2. Follow your interests


This is linked to the previous point – joining a club or society will help you to meet people and thus encourage new friendships. Beware of spreading yourself too thin though, don’t join all of the clubs just to be cool, join the ones you’re interested in as opposed to faking your way through it just to make friends.

 1. Be confident


If you believe in yourself then others will too, it’s as simple as that. Laugh at yourself and don’t take things too seriously, and remember that if you act confident then no one will question you. If you’re not confident, act like you are and before you know it you won’t be acting anymore.