5 Talented Actors Who Are Also Brilliant Writers

Actors tend to be very imaginative people who have a talent for bringing fictional characters to life, so it may come as no surprise that some actors are also very talented writers. Read on to find out about 5 talented actors who are also brilliant writers.

 5. Steve Martin

We know him to be a real funny man on the screen, but what you may not know is that Martin’s writing career is just as successful as his acting career. Prior to his big acting break on Saturday Night Live, he worked as an Emmy award winning writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Martin’s writing covers many genres and formats, from screenplays and plays to his novel The Pleasure of My Company and his memoir Born Standing Up.

 4. Matt Damon

Damon was actually studying as an English Literature major at Harvard before deciding to follow his dream as an actor. But with him he took his screenplay, a work in progress piece for his playwriting class, getting childhood friend, Ben Affleck, to help him complete it over the years in the apartment they shared. That screenplay is now known as Good Will Hunting, the hugely successful film that was nominated for nine Academy Awards, and for which Damon and Affleck won an Oscar.

3. Daniel Radcliffe

This young actor has rarely been off of our screens since his big break as Harry Potter in the Harry Potter series, with his most recent role in Martin McDonagh’s play, “The Cripple of Inishmaan.” However, did you know that Radcliffe is also a talented poet, writing under the name Jacob Gershon, and has been published in Rubbish magazine. According to now-here-this.timeout.com, Radcliffe is also writing a black comedy screenplay!

2. Carrie Fisher

The late actress was most well known for her portrayal of the amazing Princess Leia, but by the age of 31 she was already a best-selling writer for her novel, Postcards From the Edge. Talking about writing, she told The Telegraph, “ [when writing] I get more lost in character.”

1. James Franco

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Franco stated that he had been writing all the while that he had been acting professionally, but just never showed his work to anyone. After eight years in the acting business, Franco decided to go back to school and take his writing seriously. He now has a doctorate in English from Yale, and has written collections of poetry as well as a number of novels including Palo Alto, Actors Anonymous, Rebel, and A California Childhood.


Source: Huffington Post