This Is How NASA Is Preparing A 17-Year-Old Girl To Be The First Human On Mars

As humans, we’ve yet to have made a visit to Mars, but it looks like this will be happening in the not-so-distant future as NASA are currently preparing a 17-year-old girl to be the first human on Mars. Alyssa Carson is an astronaut in training, and it is hoped that in the year 2033 – when Alyssa will be 32 years old – she will be sent to the red planet to conduct scientific experiments, and look for other signs of life.

So, how does a teenager get prepared to soar off to another planet?

Well, firstly, Alyssa has been preparing for a career with NASA since she was 7, when she first went to space camp. She was so enamoured with the experience that she went back a further 18 times! And by the time she was 12, Alyssa had become the first person ever to have visited all three of the NASA space camps.

Secondly, Alyssa has sworn off all romantic relationships. Her logic behind this move is the fact that she won’t be returning from her Mars mission until she is 36-years-old, and to have left someone she loves on Earth would be a distraction.

Thirdly, NASA are backing her all the way by sending her to training all over the globe! She has been learning about such topics as microgravity as well as underwater training, in anticipation of her future mission.

We’re sure that Alyssa will be successful in her mission, and certainly can’t think of a teenager more prepared for the task!


Source: UniLad