17 Things That Make Him Fall In Love With You Instantly

Women and men are completely different, and something you like may not be interesting for him at all. You wanna know exactly what he wants? That’s not possible, but there are some things most men are attracted to.

Here are some easy tips to make him crazy about you.

Be Confident


Men love confident girls. They really melt when they see a woman wearing high heels and a revealing dress. Yes, being vulnerable is also good sometimes, but in the eyes of men, a confident woman always looks extremely sexy.

Work Hard

Work hard and he’ll certainly notice it. He’ll know that you don’t rely on him 100% and have your own value. It shows you are not helpless. Your success will awe him! Make sure you know how to take care of yourself when he is away.

Be Independent

Do you really want to be with your boyfriend 24/7? Yes, spending time with him is wonderful, but you still need to make time for yourself as well. Moreover, you both have some interests that the other doesn’t share.


Love His Dog


If your boyfriend has a dog, learn to love it even when it slobbers all over your face and clothes. If you show your love for his pets, you’ll definitely earn additional points. And it shouldn’t be all that hard, right?

Engage With His Close Ones

You should learn how to start a conversation every time you spend some time with his friends or family. Be confident and remember, every try will be met with love and adoration. Seeing this, he’ll certainly bring you home again.

Trust Him

If you have past relationship trauma, it’s important not to bring the baggage into your current relationship. If you apply past hurts to a new relationship, it may lead to unpleasant consequences.

Be His Best Friend


Learn how to be his best friend: someone who can visit football matches and play video games with him. Become his constant companion, share his interests, and he’ll adore you more and more every day. Be with him no matter what happens.

Make Notes

Why not write him a sexy message? List the things you love about him or what you are going to do to him after work. Be creative and spontaneous and he’ll certainly like it!


Accept His Buddies

He has some friends and you have to accept them. Be tolerant and kind to them. He loves his buddies!

Get Dirty 


He likes it when you aren’t afraid to mess up your looks. Join in his adventures, ride a bike with him – it’ll show how courageous you are and how your future will look like.

Accept His Bad Habits

A boyfriend and his bad habits go hand in hand. He may leave his dirty dishes in the sink, his socks may smell horrible, etc. Nagging won’t solve the situation. If you stay calm and clean everything by yourself, it’ll make you more loveable. Such behavior will prove that you can take care of him.

Laugh at Yourself!

Don’t take things too seriously all the time. Find moments when you can laugh at yourself. Laugh with him, his friends and parents. No one wants to have a serious and stiff wife.

Love His Parents


His parents are an important part of your relationship. Send his mom flowers. Always tell him to give her your regards. Talk with his dad about football and help his mom to cook the BBQ. This will make you much closer to him.

Be Faithful

Have faith in your relationship, even if you’re going through a rough patch. Believe in your relationship and value it. If you are already married, know it’s the most difficult time of your life which requires a lot of patience and hard work.

Take Care Of Him When He is Sick

A sick man is a little child with many needs and extra sensitivity. It’s very important to show your love at this time. Take his temperature, give him a cup of hot tea and cook him some chicken broth – he’ll appreciate it.

Know How To Argue


Even the best couples fight sometimes. When the argument happens, it’s important to never blame or criticize him. Make your point with respect and kindness.

Have Your Own Money

When it comes to a relationship, money is always a tricky issue. If he sees that you earn your own money and can manage them, he’ll respect you more. If you control your shopping impulses and have strategies for how to spend cash, he’ll see it and will always trust you. Showing your knowledge about money indicates you are ready for a future life and further big purchases, such as a house, a car, etc.


Source: thetalko