15 Romantic Places To Visit On Your First Date

First dates, when you are still getting to know the other person and what they are all about, can be quite nerve-wracking. The way you choose to spend the first date can decide how well you will be able to get along. If you are completely stuck and don’t know where to go on your date, we’ve got your back!

Ride Bikes

Riding bikes around a park can be extremely fun and also quite peaceful. You can talk while on the move and stop for a picnic when you get hungry. This activity allows you to get to know each other while having something exciting to do at the same time.


Attend a Pottery Class

Even if you don’t have a single artistic bone in your body, attending a pottery class can still be very entertaining. If the date doesn’t go as smoothly as you wanted, you will still feel like you learned something new.


Got to a Bookstore

A perfect first date for two book nerds is obviously the bookstore! You can talk about your favorite books, give each other suggestions, and flip through all the different options available at the store. If you and the other person are both into reading, it doesn’t get better than that.


Go to the Zoo

Going on a date to the zoo may not be the first choice for you, but you should take it into consideration. Eating ice-cream, breathing fresh air, and looking at all the exotic animals is what a zoo date is all about. It’s both interesting and relaxing.


Visit a Flea Market

If you have a large flea market where you live, going there with your date can be a great idea. It’s never boring and you may end up finding some cool treasures. If you can get food and drinks while at the market, you are all set for a pleasant afternoon date.


Go to a Botanical Garden

This date option is for the days when it’s warm outside (unless there is a greenhouse option). Botanical gardens are incredibly beautiful and romantic places, which is exactly what you need on a date. It is best to choose a time when it’s not filled with children and adults, but other than that, it’s just perfect.


Go to a Planetarium

Planetariums are filled with magic. The dark rooms and images of space create the right atmosphere for a truly otherworldly experience. What is more romantic than sitting under the stars and talking about constellations?


Play Some Games

Playing sports that don’t require you to be a professional can be an awesome way to spend a date. You can visit a sports bar or go for an outdoor game of volleyball or badminton, and you are guaranteed to have an amazing time. If there is no possibility to play outside, you can always go for table tennis or board games.


Visit an Aquarium

Aquariums have a special atmosphere. Most people talk quietly and there is a certain ambiance to the place that cannot be found anywhere else. Walking around the dark rooms and looking at all the amazing sea creatures can be truly a special experience.


Go Rock Climbing

This option is for adventurous people who are not afraid to try something new. The entire rock-climbing experience will surely bring you closer to your date thanks to the rush of adrenaline. There is nothing like climbing a wall while being suspended from the ceiling to feel alive.


Go Bowling

If you want to encourage some healthy competition, you can always go bowling. You don’t need to be a professional to have fun. Even if you can’t strike a single pin, you can always eat some pizza and drink beer to keep yourselves entertained.


Visit a Jazz Club

A jazz lounge is an ideal place for music lovers who want a chance to talk and not only listen to a band. Jazz clubs usually have a very classy vibe to them, so you can wear your favorite dress and enjoy a couple of cocktails with your date.


Get Out on a Picnic

It seems impossible to stay inside when the weather outside is amazing. When this happens, there is nothing better than going on a picnic to the park. Just pack some delicious snacks and drinks, get a blanket, and spend your time people-watching and talking.


Go Wine-Tasting

If you and the other person are into wines, you can go on a wine-tasting tour. You will be able to learn more about the art of drinking wine and spill some secrets to each other after a few drinks.


Go on a Trivia Night

Trivia nights take place at bars quite regularly, so if you want to sweep them off their feet with your intelligence, this might be a date scenario for you. You can eat, drink, and have fun at the same time, so it’s a total win-win situation, even if you don’t take home any trophies.


Source: Marie Claire