15 Ridiculous Reasons Why Kids Cry

Kids cry all the time. It’s not news. However, sometimes kids just cry for some really jocular and ridiculous reasons. Some forgot they had already eaten, other that they are not allowed to eat trash or grass. Let’s take a look at the funniest moments parents have while they grow their kids.

15. It is a pretty serious reason to cry out loud

14. He wanted to wear his dirty pajama shirt
and dad made him wear a clean one

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13. Forced him to sing “silent night”

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12. They made him sit in the leaves. Oh, boy

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11. Bring him to the candy shop!

10. At least,
he didn’t stick his fingers in the socket.

I wouldn’t let him eat the electrical cords #whymysoniscrying

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9. We’d cry too

Because I denied him a pistachio. #whymysoniscrying

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