14 Things That Can Lead To Cancer And We All Have Them At Home

You’ll be appalled to learn this, but your fridge and favorite couch can be dangerous for your health and that can lead to cancer.

Here is what toxicology experts have to say about the hazards of everyday household objects:

14. Curtains & Carpets


Cigarette smoke produces cadmium, which is carcinogenic. If you smoke at home, cadmium can lurk on curtains and carpets. It will stay there for a long time and is resistant to many strong cleaning products.

13. Leather Chair


Chromium (IV) is also a carcinogenic substance, usually found in wood furniture, tanned leather, cement etc. According to one study in Denmark, the majority of imported leather shoes contain carcinogenic agents. Always look at the label and never be shy to ask questions about the product you are going to buy.

12. Garden


Dioxin is present in soil and water and it’s also a kind of carcinogen. It’s in the dust and on top of the vegetables. To avoid exposure to this substance, always wear gloves when working in the garden. Furthermore, try not to burn household trash in the backyard.

11. Old Fridge


Carcinogenic substances can easily hide in many of your old appliances, such as an old fridge, fluorescent lighting fixtures, etc. It’s better to get rid of this stuff before it’s too late.

10. Cleaning Products


Your cleaning products and cosmetics are packed with formaldehyde, so it’s very important to choose them carefully. Try to use chemical-free products to clean your home.

9. Closets


Even your wardrobe is not a safe place. Perchloroethylene is a chemical, which usually builds up in a dry area, especially in those places you keep dry clothes. It’s also found in shoe polish and wood cleaners. Always wear gloves while polishing your wooden furniture.